For me walking into The Giles Agency is like coming home. We are a friendly motivated bunch that love their jobs and have fun working together to create the best possible work for our clients. It's a pleasure to work in a team that truly values each individual and the skills they bring to the agency.

Nicky Naughtin, HR Manager

Who we are

Our first day of business was in 2007, when we were known as Giles Publications. Back then, we worked out of a tiny, shared office in Hong Kong, and only offered English-language editing and copywriting. We loved the work, and our clients appreciated our commitment to quality, reliability and friendly customer service.

Slowly, the scope of our services grew in response to our clients’ needs:

  • Since 2011, we offer comprehensive communications support
  • In 2014, we opened our office in Singapore
  • In 2017, we rebranded to The Giles Agency

Today, we have a portfolio that includes many of Asia’s biggest names, a talented team of over 20 communications professionals, and a bigger office with more comfortable chairs. The support we provide covers English- and Chinese-language editing and copywriting, design and production, and account and project management.Our team works on everything from eDMs and press releases to annual reports, branding campaigns and social media strategy. Most importantly, we still love what we do, and we intend to keep on growing and improving

Our Mission: Words that Move Mountains

Excellent communication is an essential prerequisite for success. We’re on a mission to harness the immense power of effective communications – for our clients, for ourselves, and for the world we live in.

Our Approach: Art Meets Science

In a noisy, fast-paced world, we still believe in exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. We combine the age-old arts of fine writing and design with the ever-evolving sciences of communications technology, data analysis and consumer behaviour. For us, the place where all these elements meet is the apex of communications.

Our Methodology: Teams

In order to be successful, projects require cross-functional teams. There is no web development without design, no design without content, and no content without context. Our work culture gives people the freedom to be themselves, and so do their best work.

What makes us different

At The Giles Agency, we want to do great work – and also be a great place to work. We do this by adhering to our brand values, and by offering generous benefits and perks to every member of our team.

We believe in our values

Whether we’re working with clients, partners, service providers or each other, our decisions and actions are guided by our brand values.


We meet deadlines, keep promises, and always do our very best.


We believe in working smart and are constantly building on our industry expertise.


Through meticulous accuracy and the high quality of our work, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We harness science and technology without compromising on the art of writing. We hone our skills through reading, practice and observation.


We embrace challenges and bring our can-do spirit to every project.


We emphasise the importance of effective communication, transparency, and being willing to lend a hand.

A rewarding place to work

The benefits and perks of working at The Giles Agency are many and varied. Highlights include…

Benefits that help us maintain a work-life balance

  • Flexible work hours (start time between 8 and 10am)
  • Annual leave above the HK statutory requirement
  • Overtime allowances and days in lieu
  • Parental leave above the HK statutory requirement

Perks that support professional development

  • Internal development opportunities
  • External training subsidies
  • Annual Team Development Day

Benefits that keep us happy and healthy

  • Bonuses
  • Health insurance
  • Monthly fitness subsidy
  • Employee of the Year award

Perks that help us bond as a team

  • Monthly team lunches
  • Festival celebrations (e.g. Lunar New Year, Christmas)
  • Volunteer days to serve the community

Hear it from our team!

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