5 ways to avoid the January blues and kickstart 2019 | The Giles Agency


Whether you’re mourning the merriment of the past fortnight or returning to the office filled with new year motivation, the first week back at work after the holidays can be a difficult one. We’ve put together a bite-sized list of simple things you can do this week to tackle your to-do list and start your week – and year! – the right way.

Pick the perfect playlist

Music can be a powerful tool for productivity. We love this list of possible playlists from HubSpot; they include classical music (which can apparently boost your capacity for abstract reasoning), natural sounds (to help cognitive function), powerful ‘pump up’ songs (to get the motivation and empowerment flowing), and white noise (for those who need a quiet, distraction-free environment to work effectively).

Plan, plan, and plan

By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail – or so the old adage goes. This week, when colleagues and clients will likely have a mountain of admin and planning to do themselves, is a great time to prepare for the coming weeks and months and really flesh out your work schedule and calendar. We recently compiled a list of apps to help you stay organised – if you’re aiming to stay on top of your tasks a little better this year, why not take a look?

Be realistic

It can be hard to stay motivated if you’re repeatedly falling short of completing your to-do list each day. Rather than setting ambitious goals that you’re unlikely to achieve, break your tasks into smaller chunks. The buzz and satisfaction you’ll gain from ticking off even one of these smaller goals will help to keep you on track and potentially even improve your performance.

Stay structured

One of the best ways to get stuff done is to stick to a well-defined schedule. This is a good way to implement the ‘just do it’ approach; if you allot an hour to working on a particular task and then allow yourself a brief coffee break before diving back in, you’re more likely to see progress throughout the day. Starting work at the same time, ensuring you take breaks, and trying your best not to work late all help you get back into the working mindset after time away from your desk.

Think positive

It can be difficult to keep a clear head and upbeat attitude amid work stress and full-to-bursting email inboxes. However, maintaining a positive attitude at work can contribute to professional success. Eschewing criticism, complaints, gossip, and negativity in favour of collaboration and infectious positivity can help you to alleviate stress, appear competent to your employer, and either bag a promotion or assume a leadership position within your team. It also helps to make your office a nice place to work, which is key to employee morale and productivity.

How will you be kickstarting your 2019? Do you do any of the tips listed above? Let us know in the comments below.