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As January rolls around and the buzz of the festive season fades from memory, heads feel heavy, the clock seems to tick ever slower, and motivation can be hard to find – and no day feels quite as difficult as today: Blue Monday.

What is Blue Monday?

A concept coined by PR professional Cliff Arnall in 2005, Blue Monday is far from rigorous science, but it’s all too relatable for anyone attempting to make a dent in their to-do list this month! According to Arnall, this particular Monday is so ‘blue’ due to a mix of wintry weather, financial worries and the disconcerting quiet of the period following Christmas, high stress and lack of sleep, the realisation that our New Year’s resolutions may not come to fruition, and dwindling motivation, all of which battles our desire to take action and make changes in the year ahead.

This January lull affects us all – but we’re here to help you beat the downbeat gloom of Blue Monday and make real progress this month. We wrote about this last year, too – you can see that post here.

How to beat the January blues

Some advice never changes. As we’ve recommended before, it’s crucial to…

It’s also key to keep a positive mindset – especially if you’re aware that you might slip into the Blue Monday fog. For example, are you guilty of mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feeds first thing in the morning? Of comparing yourself to social media’s carefully curated array of perfect moments and careers? Of beating yourself up for not making the progress you’d been hoping for since New Year? Stop doing this; instead see opportunity and room for growth, and recognise where you’re doing well. As the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy. Remember to apply this same positivity to your colleagues, clients, and bosses, and avoid petty chit-chat and gossip by the water cooler. Kindness is key!

It can also help to create something to look forward to. For example, we’re in the process of settling in to a new co-working office space, and are filled to bursting with new creative energy and excitement. Filling your workday and month with things that excite and inspire you is a surefire way to avoid ‘low’ periods of energy and motivation. It could be lunch with a colleague, a professional development course, a new hobby, an upcoming holiday – anything that keeps you working towards a goal and feeling optimistic. This feeling will bubble over and positively influence all areas of your life.

Add to this the power of consistently eating well and moving your body regularly, and you have The Giles Agency’s guidelines for keeping on top of your workload and maintaining a positive, productive attitude – both at work and at home.

What advice would you add? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.