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In the ever-evolving world of business, written communication consistently ranks among the most sought after work-place skills. Effective communication is transformational, and can propel both businesses and individual professionals to success.

With this in mind, we’ve just launched our ‘Write to the Top’ packages, which combine all the convenience of an online course with various tiers of interactive options.

Access our team of communications professionals through online and live training, tailored exercises, personal feedback, and even private coaching.

Make sure your writing is getting the results you want, and learn from the best. We’re committed to transforming your writing and paving your way straight to the top.

What’s included?

 Video training & modules

Discover the key tenets of effective business writing with ten comprehensive video trainings of up to 25 minutes each. Log in and view at your convenience.


Each module is accompanied by practical exercises to reinforce your learnings. Polish your newfound skill until it becomes second nature.

 Personal feedback

Submit your assignments for review by our professional writers and editors.


Access the Write to the Top forum to chat to other budding writers and members of our team. Exchange tips, ask questions and seek feedback.

 Monthly webinar

Log on to a monthly webinar to build on your new writing skills and enjoy Q&A sessions.

 Live training

Join the Giles team for a highly interactive full day of live training. Meet other course participants to swap tips and share experiences.

 Private coaching

Get access to your own personal writing coach with four sessions of 45 minutes each. Get feedback on pieces you’re working on, ask all those niggling questions and get tailored guidance. This invaluable service ensures your own personal challenges are addressed, taking your skills to the highest level.

Choose your level of support

From Executive to Director, we have a range of tiered packages to suit your every need.

We’re also offering 40% off the full price of each course until the end of September. Simply email us for more information or to make a booking.