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How much time does the average Singaporean spend using a digital device? The answer is over 12 hours every day. That’s over 12 hours a day spent consuming digital content – and being exposed to digital advertising in all its forms.

Digital marketing is everywhere. Websites, banner ads, video ads, emails – these are just the tip of the iceberg. Savvy marketers are also working behind the scenes, dishing out brand recommendations and candid product shots through social media, blogs and more. Digital marketing even decides what search engine results you see first.

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Today, 84% of all Singaporeans are online (compared to a global average of 53%), and they’re spending most of their waking hours immersed in interactive digital marketing. In fact, Singaporeans now spend 65% more time on digital content than on traditional media like TV, newspapers and radio.

Knowing this, local newspapers and magazines went digital years ago, with major publications like Today, 8 Days and i-Weekly shutting down their printing presses altogether in favour of online distribution.

Local marketers are also aware of this shift and have been siphoning more of their budget to digital for years. Gone are the days when ads were splashed liberally across buses, taxis and building façades. Now, more and more billboard ads are being used to advertise billboard advertising.

Thanks to Singapore’s outstanding connectivity and love of digital content, traditional marketing is losing its edge, changing the very face of the Lion City.

Underspending on digital marketing

But when you look at the numbers, you’ll find that local marketers are still overspending on traditional marketing and underspending on digital. In fact, Singapore’s digital marketing spend is lagging far behind its digital content consumption rates, and this gap is one of the biggest in the world. Even Google lacks the advertising clout in Singapore that it has in other developed markets.

One possible reason is that marketers in the city state aren’t measuring their customer touchpoints fully, so they’re not seeing enough return on investment to justify a bigger digital budget. This could result in ineffective campaigns that aren’t powered by consumer insights and fail to inspire the right conversations.

Rethinking your online presence

So what does your digital budget look like for 2019? Is it time to rethink your content marketing in Singapore?

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