The incredible power of online learning | The Giles Agency


Change is constant in the modern workplace, and keeping up with the competition is more important than ever before.

The key to future-proofing your career? Professional development! Keeping your CV and skillset at the cutting edge of your field will ensure that you not only keep pace with your colleagues, but stay one step ahead.

Most offices rely heavily on technology for their day-to-day operations, but many overlook the value and ability of this very same technology to keep its users up-to-speed. Nowadays, this is increasingly possible via online and e-learning.

Online learning is a flourishing field; since the year 2000, the industry has grown by a whopping 900%, and companies that make use of this resource report increased revenue, productivity, and employee engagement.

e-learning allows one to tap into what motivates them and find the perfect fit. The flexible, adaptive nature of online courses allows each and every user to drill down to an individual level and opt to develop the skills that matter to them, creating a diverse and motivated workforce with a wide array of different talents and skill-sets.

It also taps into the growing trend of remote working. As classes can be taken from anywhere in the world, qualifications and certificates can be gained from the very best institutions without the cost and inconvenience of relocating or attending physical classrooms during working hours.

In short, e-learning allows professionals to further their career while remaining in work, to steer their roles towards what truly interests them, to gain and perfect all kinds of skills to benefit both their work and their employer, and to learn more efficiently, quickly, enjoyably, and cost-effectively.

Additionally, this type of learning suits most disciplines. Take, for example, communications — our bread and butter! We’ve recently launched a selection of online courses that guide students through the key tenets of effective business writing, offering everything from video training and personal feedback to interactive forums, webinars, and private coaching. Being able to access this type of comprehensive training from your office chair or home sofa allows a kind of professional freedom that was unavailable just five or so years ago.

Online learning is on the up, and it’s here to stay.

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