There’s an app for that: 5 easy ways to organise your life | The Giles Agency


Staying organised is difficult. However, with a little help from your apps, any and every element of one’s working day — from to-do lists to passwords to personal spending to data backups — can now be streamlined, giving you a little more space to breathe and think clearly.

Here are a few of our top picks to help you stay in control and on the ball.

This app needs little introduction. It’s self-described as “a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork—so you can focus on the things that matter”. Dropbox lets you fill and share folders with others instantly, bring together all your files and create data backups, collaborate and comment, and access your material from any place or device.

Trello, a project management app, is a favourite here at The Giles Agency. Different members can be added to various boards and lists, tasks can be prioritised and progress logged, and any given person can tell what each colleague is working on without needing to chase up. “I can tell at a glance how busy each member of the team is, which allows me to distribute work fairly and efficiently,” says our Lead English Editor Pete. “It also helps account managers when they’re negotiating deadlines with our clients because they can see who has work piling up and who will be free in, say, a few days’ time. In fact, without Trello, we’d drop the ball time and time again because of the sheer number of jobs that come in.”

Moving from files and workflows to the most sensitive of online information: passwords. To stay as safe as possible passwords should be long, regularly changed, and randomly generated. LastPass can help you with all of the above, and keeps passwords locked up safe and sound — only to be let out when you give the app permission to autofill a login field.

As the name suggests, Todoist organises all of your to-dos to stop the user from getting overwhelmed by lists and forgotten memos — “unclutter your mind [and] feel more in control”. Tasks can be set to recur on a given schedule (weekly, monthly), be added as soon as they pop into your mind, and be swiftly assigned a category and level of priority. The app even gives you visualisations of your progress over time, helping you stay motivated to keep ticking off tasks and maintain your productive streak.

Especially useful in creative careers, Pocket — previously known as Read it Later — collates all of the videos, articles, websites, and more that you stumble across throughout the day and stores them all in one place for you to view later. The app downloads the content into your Pocket, meaning that it’s possible to go back through your stored files and view them without an internet connection: perfect for your after-work commute.

Honourable mentions

CloudMagic: This brings together all your email accounts in one easy-to-access app.

Asana: A project management app to organise workflows and keep your team on track.

Shoe-boxed: An app that helps with personal budgeting, allowing you to capture your receipts and track your spending.

If This Then That/IF: This brings together your entire online presence in one place.

24me: Advertised as your smart digital personal assistant.

Evernote: An organisational app that stores all of your personal notes, making them accessible and searchable from anywhere.

Google Drive: An alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive can work independently of computer-based files. Work directly online, collaborate in real time, share your data instantly, and more.

Google Calendar: Stay up to date with your team, and never miss a meeting again.

Did we miss your favourite organisational app? If so we’d love for you to leave your suggestions and additions in the comments below.