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The year is drawing to a close, and it’s time to look back over some of our projects this year. Were there any key trends we saw emerging, growing, declining or shifting? From artificial intelligence to personalised and integrated comms, here are the trends that the Gilpies noticed emerging in 2019.

Jen Campbell: Managing Editor

We’ve seen more of our clients take an integrated approach to their communications this year, working with us to consider the specific role of each of their channels – and how these can all work together to tell a story to their audience. Going into 2020, I’m looking forward to helping our clients understand their audience segmentation more, and to build communications on a more personalised level. We’re also continuing to experience the rise of artificial intelligence-based translation tools. These are getting more and more intuitive, and we have many clients who will run long translations for chatbots, for instance, or app/product onboarding questionnaires, before they pass the copy to us to edit and proof. This is because these tools currently lack the nuance of emotion and the ease of native speech, and so still require a final review, edit and approval by a talented human eye. Many people ask, “aren’t you worried about the robots taking over?” and my answer is always no: I’m excited to see how we can integrate the technology into our processes to the advantage of our clients.


Janice Wong: Lead Chinese Editor

Marketing trends are growing more and more politically and ethically aware. Global politics affect marketing decisions now in a big way, and companies must take care to be sensitive to the cultural and political nuances of different regions and audiences.


Soni Bhatnagar: Business Director (Singapore)

In 2019, we’ve seen a number of growing trends in marketing, communications, training and more. Some of the key ones are related to data. Customer experience is becoming more strategic, and based around actual data on what people like and dislike. Companies are bringing content and data together into the same space, and using data to influence their approach to personalisation. In terms of marketing, there’s been a notable rise in the importance of the influencer, and I’m anticipating that more and more campaigns will bring in elements of artificial intelligence.


Kannis Ho: Art Director

This year has been an important one for Hong Kong. Marketing and design trends are changing, in many cases due to the political issues we’re experiencing here, and I think the overall standard for design is rising.

This array of headlines demonstrates this well: regardless of political view, all display a strong, bold sense of design – fonts, images, spacing, and the overall look and feel are simple, slick and clean, and serve to highlight the content itself very clearly and effectively.


Peter Cowell: Lead English Editor

I think we’ll see more personalised marketing in Asia-Pacific in 2020. People are used to ignoring irrelevant eDMs in their inboxes and ads on their smartphone screens, so we’ll probably see more segmented communications (to find out more, this recent Forbes article is worth a read). The technology sector is also huge in the region; we’ve worked with clients in the tech industry across Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore this year, and I for one am thoroughly enjoying seeing the whole team developing skills and gaining knowledge in this area.


What trends have you seen rising – or declining! – in 2019, and what are you anticipating for 2020?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below or, if anything in this post has particularly interested you, we’d love to chat further.