Your business cards are letting you down – and here’s why


Our key message this month is to tailor your comms and design to its purpose – and a key example of this is business cards.

We’ve discussed the relevance of business cards here on the blog before, and concluded that yes, business cards still mean business, especially in places such as Hong Kong and Singapore (you can read more on this here).

You may think there’s a standard, tried-and-tested formula for these, but business cards offer you an interesting, effective way to showcase your personality and creativity (and, crucially, sell your brand in the process). Use your cards to think outside the box – as these companies did.

Fitness instructor Zohra Mouhetta

Want to lose that beer belly? With Mouhetta’s creative card, you can be rid of it in mere seconds.

Pest exterminators Boecker

Boecker saw high levels of engagement with their ‘Do you need us?’ cards, which were printed in ink that’s delicious to insects. Recipients simply needed to leave the card in their kitchen overnight, and if the ink had been eaten by morning, they likely had a cockroach problem. If only they had the contact details for an exterminator… oh, wait. Boecker can do that – and their contact information is right at hand.


Financial investment representative Franco Caligiuri

This card uses clever visual design to make an immediate, strong, clear impact. Buy when prices are low and sell when prices are high – and let Franco help you steer clear of the red and stay in the black. This card is hugely clever, and highly tailored to its industry and purpose.

Sommelier Mylène Poisson

Sometimes simplicity is best. This card is an excellent example of prioritising purpose in design; Poisson’s refined cards convey creativity, class, and elegance, while also clearly communicating who Poisson is and what she does, and remaining highly aesthetically pleasing.

Creative, personality-packed business cards offer you a way to instantly connect with someone, and offer an easy icebreaker for any networker. They give people a way to really soak up who you are and what you’re about in just seconds, while also putting a name to the face and keeping your contact information easily accessible (which, after all, is the main purpose of a business card!).

If you’re looking to inject a bit of life into your business cards, please do get in touch to see how we can help you! Our talented designers are adept at combining form and function, appearance and effectiveness, and can give you something you can be truly proud of.

You can find more examples of creative cards here.