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We have a few questions for you.

  • Do you struggle to get your thoughts down on paper clearly?
  • Do you feel nervous when you hit ‘Send’ on an email to management?
  • Are you paranoid about making mistakes, and feel you have to check everything multiple times?
  • Are you frustrated by how much time you spend drafting and redrafting your work?
  • Do you ramble and take way too long to get to the point, but can’t stop?
  • Are you worried about being misunderstood or sounding distant or accidentally offending someone?
  • Do writing tasks seem daunting and difficult?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can help!

Join our Effective Business Writing seminar on Tuesday 22 October, 7pm at the Hive Sheung Wan to learn the writing skills that will help you stand out at work. These 90 minutes could change the trajectory of your career.

HR managers consistently rank strong written communication among the top three most desired attributes in candidates.

In this seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Save precious time – You have a mountain of work and no time to waste. Our training participants have reported cutting their writing time in half.
  • Build better relationships – At work and in life, it’s all about relationships – which means it’s all about communication. Learn the words that help you navigate difficult situations without burning bridges.
  • Impress your clients and managers – Win their admiration and respect with writing that gets results.
  • Grab your readers’ attention and persuade them to act – Convey your message quickly, clearly and persuasively, so your emails never get ignored again.
  • Write and hit ‘Send’ with complete confidence – Writing is an enjoyable experience when you know what you’re doing. Learn to write with ease.

It’s time to stop feeling fearful and frustrated whenever you write, and start feeling empowered! It’s time to get the recognition you deserve at work. If not now, then when?

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What participants say:

‘’Awesome workshop, Freya. It was informal, informative, interesting, interactive and included some amusing bits. I feel that after what I learnt that night, something shifted in my writing. So glad that I attended!’’ – Vanessa, educator and founder of Touch2Learn Education Centre

“Very useful workshop for anyone who needs to write a lot. Highly recommended!” – Steve, LinkedIn trainer

“Thank you for the useful seminar! I am applying the tips, and the time I spend writing emails has already reduced a lot.” – Marieke, consultant at Attrain Limited