5 things you need to know when writing copy for marketing funnels | The Giles Agency

October 7, 2019

by Nicky Jenner

You’ll need copy for the ads that are going to drive traffic into your funnel in the first place. You’ll need copy for the lead magnets that are going to give your reader something of value and raise awareness of your brand. You’ll need copy for the landing pages that are going to move the reader on to the next stage. You’ll need copy for all the emails in between, guiding the readers gently but firmly on their way.

All of the core tenets of high-converting copy apply, but here are five things that we think are particularly important when building funnels.

Number 1: Empathy is golden

This is something we bang on about quite a lot in in our own trainings, and that’s because it’s just so important. You must, must, must know your reader. You must understand their fears, their challenges and their desires, and show that you understand them. Talk to your readers about what matters to them – preferably using their own words.

So don’t just list the features of a product. Spell out how it’s going to transform your reader’s life, banish their fears and fulfil their desires.

Number 2: Your landing page can be as long as you like – sort of

When you’re writing your social media ads, you’ll be faced with a word limit and will have to practise the fine art of brevity. Landing pages, however, have no such limits, and can be a lot longer than you’d think. If you have a lot of great stuff that you know your reader will want to hear, say it! Write as much as it takes to convert, but… no more. Too long may not be a problem per se, but too boring certainly is.

Number 3: The headline is the line between success and failure

The headline must grab the reader’s attention and arouse curiosity. If it doesn’t, over 60% of readers will go no further. You will have lost them. So turn your most compelling point into your headline, and make it specific. In a competitive world, “Lose weight fast” isn’t going to get much attention – but “5 foods to cut from your diet now to feel lighter tomorrow” might.

Number 4: Above the fold is prime real estate

After the headline, the copy above the fold, i.e. the copy you can see without scrolling, is the most important. It must grab your reader’s attention and communicate all the key points. If not, 80% won’t scroll on. So don’t waste this important space. Get straight to the point.

Number 5: The more CTAs, the merrier

Many baulk at the idea of packing a landing page with call-to-action upon call-to-action, but the savvy copywriter knows that’s exactly what you should do. Adding more CTAs is the single easiest way to increase conversions.

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