Revamped marketing materials, a new brand voice, and a clear, industry-compliant way to communicate the value of their insurance products to their customers: this is what AIA Hong Kong wanted for their brochures. Our team translated and crafted straightforward, consistent, jargon-free copy, creating layman-friendly materials that became the envy of AIA HK’s competitors.


•  English Copywriting
•  English to Simplified Chinese translation
•  Design
•  Digital Production

The Challenge

When insurance reforms were introduced in Hong Kong, AIA was one of the first agencies to completely revamp its marketing materials accordingly. The company was determined to create a new brand voice that would be warm and personal, and most importantly, be able to communicate the finer details of its insurance products in a clear and simple way.

What We Did

Copywriting and translation
We helped establish new frameworks for communicating insurance concepts in language that was appealing and easy for a layman to understand, in line with the new industry requirements. Then we rolled up our sleeves and developed close to 50 bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese) brochures (with more still on the way!). We also created copy for countless other mediums, including the company’s website and sales tools.

The Payoff

AIA’s new brand voice became the envy of other insurance agencies in the region, and both clients and sales teams appreciated the new, easy-to-understand material. Today, our frameworks are still being used to ensure consistency in tone and narrative, and the brochures we worked on continue to win new clients across Hong Kong.