After a rebranding exercise that aimed to capture the attention of innovative young students, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School asked us to revamp the dry, wordy copy on their website. Our new writing, editing, and restructuring of their copy brought a modern, progressive feeling to the site, and positioned the School as an engaging, forward-thinking brand.


•  English Copywriting

The Challenge

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School, renowned for the quality of its taught master’s programmes, had recently undergone a rebranding exercise in order to appeal to more entrepreneurial, innovative young people. As such, it was felt that the current website was too dry and wordy. With the school about to launch two new courses in 2018, bringing the total to eight, the race was on to rewrite all the content for the entire master’s degree website.

What We Did

After assigning an editor with expertise in revamping tired web copy, we collected information about the school and its courses from a variety of sources: the CUHK team, brochures, the previous website and even press releases.

Once the information was all in one place, our editor restructured the content, cut down the length of the copy and rewrote everything in a new, more engaging brand voice. We also provided the CUHK Business School with a style guide so that consistency will always be maintained.

The Payoff

The new master’s degree website is up, running and looking fantastic. It brings out the CHUHK Business School’s key strengths, highlighting the fact that it is a modern, progressive and forward-looking academic institution that puts the focus on innovation. The site is now better poised to attract applications from mainland Chinese and international students looking for a modern education.