Allied World wanted an updated brochure to better promote their insurance for employers of domestic helpers. The existing brochure was packed with information that took time for customers to decipher. The true benefits of the product needed to be presented in a clear and appealing way to drive more interest. After we revamped their other product brochures to drive engagement, they trusted us to work our magic once more to redesign this brochure.


  • Copywriting
  • Transcreation
  • Design

The Challenge:

The client was looking to revamp their product brochure to increase interest and they left it to us to visualise the design. So we flexed our creative muscles to come up with a compelling, redesigned brochure in both English and Chinese.

What we did

English Copywriting

We drew upon our extensive experience crafting brochures for leading insurance companies. This industry expertise enabled us to quickly identify the product’s key selling points. Using the existing product brochure as a reference, we distilled all the essential information and composed concise, engaging copy for the new brochure.

Traditional Chinese Translation

Allied World initially considered a literal translation from English to Chinese, but from our experience, we know that translating text often requires rephrasing it. We always want to ensure that the tone of voice is translated accurately, not just the literal meaning. We made sure to write the Chinese copy with words and connotations that would appeal to the Hong Kong market, just as the English copy had done.


The existing brochure felt crowded, partly due to the format of the benefits table and the bilingual text. This meant that key benefits weren’t as prominent as they could have been. Our first step was to create two separate brochures for each language so that key selling points stood out. We then used images and icons to make the product feel relevant to customers’ everyday lives.

The Payoff

We created two bilingual brochures that put the product’s benefits to the fore and enhanced them with relatable visuals. Now, it’s easy for customers to choose this insurance. All the hard work Allied World put into developing this product pays off when potential customers can understand it at a glance.

“Thanks for your team’s effort for running this smoothly. Great job!”

Carmen Lai
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Allied World Assurance Company Limited