Towngas needed a complex, hefty sustainability report – to a very tight deadline. We sprung into action and shifted our resources to ensure that our senior English editor could work on the project exclusively. The result? A high-quality report packed full of fresh copy that reflected the ethos and achievements of Towngas, with minimal revisions needed from both sides.


  • English Copywriting
  • English to Traditional Chinese Translation

The Challenge

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company – Towngas, for short – approached us to write their 2017 Sustainability Report. The annual publication runs to approximately 120 pages and is integral to the company’s fulfilment of its obligations as a public body. We had prepared the previous year’s edition, and this time would be working to a much tighter timeline.

What We Did

We reallocated resources strategically to enable our senior English editor to focus exclusively on overseeing the Towngas assignment. Incorporating updated information from various sources, our English team generated fresh copy within the framework established by previous years’ reports.

Our Chinese team was similarly tasked with expediting the translation of this substantial document. The client was so satisfied with the first round of translation that no additional rounds were required.

The Payoff

By carefully allocating resources and leveraging our prior knowledge of Towngas’ operations, we were able to meet all the client’s deadlines, with only minimal revisions required on both sides. This enabled Towngas to meet their own publication target of the second quarter. As well as fulfilling their legal obligations, the report is a valuable stakeholder communication tool outlining the company’s achievements and reflecting its ethos.