• English Copywriting
  • English Editing

The Challenge

Chow Tai Fook were in a position of transition, looking to position the brand as an international best seller rather than focused in Asia. They needed support in elevate the EN writing of their sustainability report to meet the brand guidelines, but also meet international standards. As the nature of such a document requires intense scrutiny from a legal and regulatory point of view, there were strict turnaround times to deliver a vast amount of content, but our team are experienced in this area and excel in ensuring top-quality work is delivered on time.

What we did

The clients PR agency produced a rough first draft of the sustainability report and working closely to understand the context we helped to edit the copy for all sections. Once this first draft had been completed and we had a good understanding of the overall ESG picture, we helped to write engaging and inspirational messages from the Chairman and senior leadership team showcasing the brand’s genuine care for society, their employees and the environment.

The Payoff

Having delivered the report within the tight timelines, Chow Tai Fook was thrilled with the outcome of the report – which tells the story of the brand’s commitment to sustainable growth and customer-centric focus and strategies, which serve to promote long-term innovation in business.

You can read the full 2023 Sustainability report here: