New World Group tasked us with designing New World Development’s 2019 sustainability report in both English and Traditional Chinese. From briefing to final delivery, we had just 5 weeks to articulate their 10-year vision for sustainability and recent successes in compelling design.


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The Challenge:

It was a race against the clock. Having written the copy, NWD needed a new partner to transform it into a sophisticated digital report in two separate languages in time for year-end publication.

What we did

By liaising closely with the client and immersing ourselves in their vision, we made sure we were on the same page from day one.

Drawing on our rich project management expertise, we synchronised our production and revision cycles without losing precious time. Even so, we knew that speed could not come at the expense of accuracy and quality, which is why we were available around the clock for feedback and updates.

Right on schedule, our 3 designers delivered a 74-page interactive PDF report in 2 separate languages, featuring an innovative and on-brand design incorporating text, images, infographics, sketches and more – all in just 5 weeks.

The Payoff

The report was published in two languages on the New World Development website on 31st December 2019, and we had a very happy client:

“The Giles Agency were great to work with on our sustainability report 2019.  Given a very short timeframe, we were able to work closely together to ensure efficient delivery and we were really pleased with the final design.”

Gigi Lee
Senior Manager, Sustainability
New World Development Company Limited

You can see the 2019 sustainability report here: