The Allianz Global Pension Report is a key insights publication for the insurance industry. It focuses on important changes across markets, as well as what the implications could be for investors and other stakeholders. But because not everyone has time to read the full report, Allianz APAC approached The Giles Agency for help in creating visually compelling, data-driven infographics for their LinkedIn channel that could be read, analysed and shared in seconds.


  • Infographic Design

The Challenge:

Every year, Allianz carries out research to produce their Global Pension Report. The final publication dives deep into essential insights and trends, all framed by commentary from their own industry experts. Contained within the report are key data points for APAC, so the regional Allianz team approached The Giles Agency to help them communicate these. They had to be presented in a series of infographics to be used in the official Allianz APAC LinkedIn channel, which would draw awareness to market-specific trends within the report, as well as drive engagement.

What we did

Thanks to the client providing all the words for each post, we were able to focus solely on flexing our design muscles. For Allianz, brand integrity is on a pedestal so we stuck to their brand guidelines with an almost-religious zeal, ensuring that every post was obviously part of the same series. In terms of content, we harnessed our creative know-how to make everything understandable – even at a casual glance – because we know these types of posts need to rise up from an ocean of similar content on LinkedIn.

The Payoff

By crafting infographics designed specifically for LinkedIn, Allianz APAC now has a comprehensive template that can be used to present key regional insights from future global reports. This flexible template will ensure that all content is simple, compelling and fun to read – which is highly important when presenting insights to readers who are time-poor and whose first language might not be English– and will go a long way to driving evermore engagement with their social content.

See a sample of our infographics on Allianz Asia Pacific LinkedIn channel: