BlueMeg is a software company with an integrated, cloud-based platform designed to simplify entity management and governance. The Giles Agency was tasked with revamping BlueMeg’s website, introducing the brand’s story and product offering to prospective new users.


  • Website UX
  • Website Design
  • English Copywriting

The Challenge:

The market for corporate services software has become increasingly crowded, so the main challenge was to make BlueMeg stand out from the competition by presenting its unique platform in a direct and compelling way.

What we did

Our aim was to showcase BlueMeg’s speed, efficacy, and user-focused innovation. In line with the brand’s messaging, we explained the platform’s varied functionalities in concise and simple terms, clearly indicating how each feature meets a specific user need. The website’s layout was redesigned with different user profiles in mind for a more tailored experience, with graphics that made BlueMeg’s qualities pop.

The Payoff

Hear from Andrew Jacobs, VP of Sales & Partnerships at BlueMeg, on how the project turned out:

“Our website needed an extensive refresh to reflect our status as the leading software solution for the Trust & Corporate Service industry, and The Giles Agency delivered just that! The UX is intuitive and user-friendly, the design is striking and sophisticated and with clear, engaging copy. We have already received positive feedback from a range of stakeholders and partners and I am looking forward to seeing a further increase in inbound leads and overall brand awareness and reputation.”