Working with our website development partners at Grayscale, we were tasked with revamping Sealy’s Hong Kong website to improve customer engagement, increase product understanding and drive sales.


  • Traditional Chinese Copywriting
  • English Translation

The Challenge

Sealy has a strong reputation in Hong Kong, known for their high-end mattresses. However, the Sealy team felt their previous site didn’t allow their customers to deep-dive into their products and find the right mattress solution for their needs. Our partners at Grayscale were tasked with improving the UX & UI to create a seamless experience, while our job was to create information-rich, engaging copy.

What we did

Traditional Chinese Copywriting

After receiving the approved site map and wireframes, we worked through the customer journey to create copy that was appealing and moved the user through the decision-making process. Our Chinese-language writer studied the products to identify the stand-out features for each one. It was vital to help site visitors quickly understand the key differentiators, allowing them to make the right selection easily.

Our overall aim was to keep the copy short, engaging and informative, making the most of users’ time and ultimately allowing them to identify the best mattress for them before leaving the site.

English Translation

Once the Traditional Chinese copy was completed, transcreation into English began. Our Chinese team worked closely with our native English writers to ensure complete accuracy, but also a natural tone, with appropriate idioms that would resonate with English-language readers. The aim, as always, was for both versions to sound like the original text.

The Payoff

Both language sites have launched delivering a much-improved experience for users. We continue to help Sealy with their SEO, editing and translating their blog posts and keeping site content up to date and relevant.

See the new 2020 Sealy website for yourself: