To expand Grant Thornton’s digital footprint and showcase its service expertise, The Giles Agency was tasked with writing informative thought-leadership articles to engage a broad readership, from laypeople to industry professionals. The first in the series focused on Singapore’s new Overseas Vendor Registration regime, or what’s come to be known as ‘Netflix tax’.


  • Desk research & content strategy
  • English Copywriting

The Challenge

With dense lists of regulations, definitions and even grey areas, the challenge Grant Thornton gave us was to distil the legalese into an engaging article that was concise, easy to digest and – most importantly – relevant to the reader.

What we did

Rather than writing like a lawyer or auditor, we focused on what retailers, suppliers and general laypeople needed to know. That included pinpointing what the changes meant for the reader and outlining next steps in clear language that nevertheless remained engaging.

The Payoff

The article has been well received by the target audience and as of May 2020 has had over 500 views on the Grant Thornton website.

Read the article for yourself, and see whether we succeeded in turning legal language in to an engaging and clear piece: