Embark on a visual journey with our artistic red packet designs, where holidays meet high-end aesthetics! L’Oreal approached us to design their Chinese New Year red packets, and we gave them what they wanted – bespoke designs that aligned with their brand identity.


  • Design

The Challenge

L’Oreal wanted to break away from giving Lai See to their staff in the usual red packets that you get at every store.  They wanted their Chinese New Year red packets to have an exquisite flair while staying true to their brand essence.



What we did

Our unleashed their creativity and presented a curated collection of bespoke designs. From vibrant colours to mesmerising prints and avant-garde styles, we gave L’Oreal a spectrum of options. After an exhilarating collaboration, we proudly delivered not one but two red packet designs.



The Payoff

L’Oreal embraced our designs with sheer enthusiasm and came back to us in 2023! Our creations were well accepted and became more than just red packets that resonated with the soul of the festive season.